Residential Locks

Our residential services offer a wide variety of locksmith services and we will be ready to help you at your earliest convenience.

Automotive Locks

The service provided by our automotive technician is available to motorists who have accidently locked themselves out of their vehicle or just need service for any lock or key work.

Office Locks

Our commercial and business services are available to our respected business owners in the Reno/ Sparks area.

Premier 24-hour Locksmith Servicefriendly service

When you are in need of emergency locksmith services in Reno, NV, let AllSafe Lock and Key be your first choice for fast and efficient service. Our competitive rates and experienced are among the many reasons we are the best. Our kind and courteous service is the reason our customers continue to come back to us. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and we will be there at your time of need.  You will be greeted with a friendly technician who’s knowledge is up to speed with the most current industry methods and tools. We understand that requiring a locksmith for any emergency can be a unnerving experience. So to assure you that we are the safest choice, AllSafe Lock and Key is registered by the Sheriff’s Department of Washoe County. Certified locksmith and registered by the Sheriff’s office:

  • State License # 20121660540
  • Reno license # 124455
  • Sparks license # 072006
  • Sheriff Washoe County Permit file # 0121301


Residential Locksmith Service

How many people have keys to your house? It’s a completely normal thing. We often hand out keys to our home to close friends and family…but when was the last time you thought back on exactly how many people have keys to your home? This can range from maids to old friends…vendors or even contractors. Or how about previous renters? So why not be safe and sure? Have your home re-keyed by AllSafe Lock and Key. We can happily give you a free estimate today so you can get back to knowing your home is protected.


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Latest News

Sliding Glass Windows and Doors

Every time I rekey a house, I ask the client(s) if they would like me to do a free run through of the entire house to check the security. As we go along, I point out and explain to them how certain areas could be improved upon and made safer. I have noticed that one…

3 Tips for NOT Losing Your Spare Keys

1. Let’s be honest. Those magnetic hide-a-keys that you stick under your car don’t exactly get the job done. I’ve lost several spare keys in my day by putting my trust in those little boxes, and I’ve encountered too many customers throughout my locksmithing career whose hide-a-keys have fallen off their cars, been stolen, or…

Staying Safe and Secure

The other day, a young lady called me requesting new keys for her car. Her purse, including her keys, had been stolen right from her porch the previous night. When I arrived, I asked if her house keys had been stolen as well, and she replied that yes, they had. I pointed out that this meant the burglars…

Beware of Dog

One evening I received a call from a young couple in Spanish Springs who was concerned someone has attempted to break into their home through their backyard. When I arrived I analyzed what they were doing to keep the exterior of their home safe. They had a “beware dog” sign on the fence and no…