Staying Safe and Secure

The other day, a young lady called me requesting new keys for her car. Her purse, including her keys, had been stolen right from her porch the previous night. When I arrived, I asked if her house keys had been stolen as well, and she replied that yes, they had. I pointed out that this meant the burglars now had access to her house and could come back at any time to break in. This hadn’t even occurred to her. So I ended up re-keying her entire house and making new keys for her house and car.
My point is that, if you find yourself in a similar situation as this young lady, it is easy to overlook some crucial details that might get you into trouble later. So, if your keys ever get stolen, I encourage you to think about everything that the thieves now have access to, such as your home, the home of a relative or loved one, your mailbox, etc. Don’t take any chances, and make sure you get all necessary locks changed! The most important thing is always to stay as safe and secure as possible.