Are Sliding Glass Windows and Doors Secure?

Every time our technicians rekey a home, they offer our clients a free security inspection. It’s a service we offer to educate people on their current home security. During the inspection, our technicians point out how specific areas in the home can be made more secure. One of the most common areas for home security improvement is sliding glass windows and doors. But there is a simple fix.

Are They Secure?

Unfortunately, the average burglar knows how easy it is to pop out these horizontally-sliding windows and doors, simply by wedging a screw driver underneath the door or window, propping it up into the frame, and then pushing the whole thing in. Almost always, the locks that come with your door or window are flimsy and will not actually stop a burglar from doing this.

IMG 1568 - Are Sliding Glass Windows and Doors Secure?Because most people don’t know that these are vulnerable points of entry, they don’t take any steps to properly secure them. The good news? There is an extremely simple fix to this common security problem.

The Jimmy Plate

All you need is a small piece of hardware called a jimmy plate installed at the top of your door or window that will prevent it from being lifted up into the frame and popped out. You can purchase these from the manufacturer of most sliding windows and doors. It’s a simple step that will greatly reduce the risk of a break-in, and they’re easy to install yourself.

If you prefer to outsource that work, AllSafe Lock & Key will make sure your sliding glass doors and windows are secure. Plus, you’ll get the added benefit our optional home security inspection. Remember, it’s a free service intended to make your home safe and secure.