Should You Change Your Locks if You Lose Your House Keys?

Let’s say you lose your house keys, and no matter how much you search, they’re really gone for good. If you lose your house keys, should you replace your residential locks, just to be safe?

Lost House Keys?

Many residential burglars are opportunists who will opt for easy access – things like unlocked doors, a tool or bump key on a cheap lock, or another unprotected entry point into your home. Making a decision on next steps when you lose your house keys will really depend on a few factors.

  • Which keys are on your missing keychain?
  • Where do you think you lost your keys?
  • Did your keychain have any identifying information?
  • What’s your gut telling you?

If your keychain does indeed have identifying information, and you’re fairly sure you lost your keys in a public area, replacing your home’s locks (or simply re-keying them) is probably a smart decision.

This is also true if you’re feeling unsettled or bothered by the missing keys. If a qualified locksmith can bring you peace of mind, deciding whether or not to spring for the cost of replacing or re-keying your home’s locks becomes an easy decision.

While chances are slim that a burglar will use a set of lost keys to gain access to your home, your security should always be a priority. At AllSafe Lock & Key, we offer free estimates in the Reno, Sparks and greater northern Nevada region.

If you’ve lost your house keys and are looking for a solution, or you’re wondering whether your home security is really up to snuff, we welcome the opportunity to answer your questions and offer our recommendations. Contact us today.