Home Security Resolutions for the New Year

Last week, we shared tips for boosting your home’s security during the holidays. Now, during the final two weeks of 2017, we’re sharing home security resolutions for the New Year. Here’s how to make 2018 your year for a safer, more secure home.

Change Your Habits

If you tend to overlook things like wobbly doorknobs or dead batteries in the smoke detector, these are habits to change. Repairs and replacements may be annoying, but consider the alternative. Ultimately, the efficacy of your home’s security is really in your hands.

If you routinely forget to lock your doors, work out a system to help you remember. If your spare is under the front door mat or over the doorframe, find a new hiding place. Check your sliding glass doors and windows for jimmy locks, and if you don’t have, get them. The idea is to be proactive in your home security efforts so that you can build a safer environment for your family and your property.

Investigate Additional Security Options

If you aren’t ready for a complete home security system or the latest interactive technology, cover the basics well. Make sure that exterior doors have sturdy deadbolts and that your doors and frames themselves are strong. Install motion-sensor lights around the perimeter of your home, particularly entry points, and consider setting a few internal lights on a timer.

AllSafe Lock & Key offers residential and commercial security checks, designed to help you identify weak points in security. Our technician can also make a recommendation for high-quality locks.

But Remember the Basics

Practice smart social media habits, empty your mailbox every day, use padlocks on side and backyard gates, and be sensible about keeping things secure. If you’re interested in upgrading existing locks or taking advantage of our home security check, contact AllSafe Lock & Key today.