The Trouble with Mass-Produced Door Locks

Your local hardware store or big box chain probably has a decent selection of door locks. And if you’re moving into a new home or replacing a broken or damaged door lock, you’re probably in the market for something new. But can you be sure that you’re installing safe, secure door locks if you buy them from the closest hardware or box store? The truth is, you can’t. Here’s the trouble with mass-produced door locks.

Your Keys Aren’t Unique

When you’re shopping for your door lock, take a look at what’s being sold. There are probably a bunch of locks identical to the one you’re considering, which means the next person to buy the same lock as yours could also be buying a key that would open your front door.

Guess who else understands this? The average burglar.

Have a look at serial numbers on the locks you’re considering. Identical serial numbers mean that the same key can unlock them all. It’s intended for convenience – one key to unlock all the doors in your home – but it can pose a security issue.

Here’s How to Fix It

If you’re set on the locks from the hardware or chain store, don’t install them as you bought them. Instead, have a local locksmith re-key them to turn them into unique locks that won’t match any other locks being sold in the stores.

Your other option – and this is always the smarter option – is to avoid mass-produced locks completely. You’ll find that your local locksmith can recommend high-quality locks that withstand direct impact and are entirely unique, requiring keys crafted  by special cutting machines.

For a home security check that will identify weaknesses in your home and to have your mass-produced locks properly installed and re-keyed, contact us today. Our certified technicians can also make helpful recommendations for locks that will vastly improve the security of your home.