You Need a Good Reno Locksmith – And It’s Not Because You’re Locked Out

Of all the mechanical devices in our homes, it’s probably our door locks that we both use and neglect the most. What sort of maintenance and care do you provide to your locks? If you’re like most people, the answer is little to none. And yet, you probably also expect those same locks to function well and do their job properly. That’s where a locksmith comes in. The truth is, you need a good locksmith here in Reno (or wherever you live), and it’s not because you’re locked out.

General Lock Troubleshooting

Sometimes, a lock that looks just fine has internal problems that can lead to failure. Some of the more common issues include:

  • Deadbolts that don’t fully extend
  • Uneven strike alignment
  • Broken deadlatches

A good locksmith can assess your home’s door locks for these and other conditions, ensuring that they’re in good working condition. Having your locks professionally serviced is the best way to take advantage of a lock’s protection in the manner the manufacturer intended.

Rekeying & Upgrading

Ensuring that you and your family are the only people with keys to your home is both reassuring and convenient. A good locksmith can rekey your locks to bring you this peace of mind. Alternately, a locksmith can install quality locks you won’t find at the home improvement store. Plus, upgrading your home’s door locks is a reasonably-priced alternative to something like an alarm system.

Keep in mind that alarms can be useful, but they are primarily informative – they alert you or the authorities about unauthorized entry. They’re not preventative, but rather reactive to an intruder scenario. And ongoing monitoring costs can be prohibitive for those who may need them most.

In addition to upgrading your door locks, a good locksmith can reinforce your home’s entry points to improve its security. Vulnerable parts of a door typically include the door jamb, door edge (where the locks are installed), and the hinges, and a locksmith can install reinforcement hardware to shore up these weak points.

Finally, accommodations can be made to a home’s locks for elderly people or those with disabilities that make ordinary knobs difficult to use. A good locksmith will have suggestions and recommendations that suit your particular situation.

Don’t Wait Until You’re Locked Out

Finding a good locksmith here in Reno before you’re locked out is a smart idea for so many reasons. Don’t wait until you’re feeling anxious and inconvenienced because you’ve inadvertently locked yourself out, and don’t put off ensuring that your home’s locks are in perfect working condition. Find a good Reno locksmith now, and enjoy the peace of mind that comes from having a professional there when you need one.

In Reno, Sparks and the greater northern Nevada region, we hope you’ll remember AllSafe Lock & Key for your locksmithing needs.