The Single Best Way to Improve Your Home’s Security

We’ve written before about a simple method of improving the security of your home’s sliding doors and windows. But can you guess the single best way to improve your home’s security? If you’re thinking a well-trained guard dog or a pricey home security system, think smaller.

It’s a working, high-quality deadbolt – one you remember to use.

Preventing Forced Entry

In many home burglaries, intruders use force to get inside. Inadequate or poorly functioning deadbolts – or those simply not in use – can be bypassed with a strong shoulder or front kick to the door. FBI statistics from a few years ago reveal that of the 1.9 million burglaries in the United States, 59% included a forced entry. Even worse, 74% of these burglaries happened in residents, and most of these took place during the day.

The Deadbolt Difference

A deadbolt is a kind of lock that has steel bolts extending into the door jamb and the doorframe’s strike plate. Single-cylinder deadbolts are the most common, with a key that works on the outside and a twisting knob on the inside. Double-cylinder deadbolts have keys on both sides.

If your home has a door with decorative glass, double-cylinder deadbolts will prevent an intruder from breaking the glass and reaching through the panel to turn the deadbolt. Just make sure that you don’t stash the key within arm’s reach.

Deadbolts must be able to extend completely into the hole in the door jamb in order to function properly. When this doesn’t happen, the lock and doorframe can be compromised. That’s why three-inch screws are recommended for installation of the strike plate into the studs.

Are Your Deadbolts Functioning Properly?

If you question whether your home’s deadbolts are in good working order, let a certified technician from AllSafe Lock & Key perform an inspection. And then, make sure to use those deadbolts. It may be easier simply to lock the doorknob, but remember that deadbolts are for security. Doorknobs should be considered more convenient than secure.