What Does a Reno Locksmith Do?

Have you ever wondered exactly what a locksmith does? The name gives a lot away – a locksmith is a professional with a speciality in door locks and keys for homes, businesses and automobiles. Today’s locksmiths can also work with features like keyless door fobs and keyless home locks.

Why Call a Locksmith?

If you’ve ever called a locksmith, it’s probably because you were locked out or needed locks changed. It’s a good idea to have a reputable locksmith in mind before you need one. That make it much easier to find someone local, certified and trustworthy. When you’re at a disadvantage because you need emergency assistance, you’re much more likely to use the very first locksmith who stumble across online, and that can be a problem.

Here in Reno, be wary of the many locksmith companies that show up on search engines with non-local numbers. These companies frequently use large call centers that route local calls to a locksmith near you. The issue there is that you can’t be sure who will show up at your door – it’s certainly not the person with whom you spoke on the phone. When you call a locally-owned locksmith company, like AllSafe Lock & Key, you’ll speak directly with our technician, who can give you pricing right over the phone and an accurate estimate of how long you’ll wait for his arrival. That’s comforting, especially when you’re feeling vulnerable due to your lock-out situation.

Finding a reputable Reno locksmith before you need one means there’s no pressure. You can look at online reviews, compare websites, review blog post content, even call directly to ask about policies and other details. Here at AllSafe Lock & Key in Reno, we welcome the opportunity to answer your questions so that you’ll keep us in mind when you need a locksmith or you’re considering home security upgrades. Ask us about our home security services, in which we can assess your home and point out any areas of weakness.