How to Find a Good Locksmith in Reno and Sparks

Reno, Sparks and the greater northern Nevada region seem to have no shortage of locksmiths. From the rekeying options and selection of residential and commercial door locks at the big box stores to the dozens of “local” locksmiths that appear with a quick Google search, what’s a home or business owner to do? How can you narrow down your options to an honest, reliable and truly local locksmith in Reno and Sparks? Here’s what we suggest.

Don’t Assume Online Search Results are All Local

It seems safe to assume that looking online for local locksmiths means you’ll be reviewing, well, local locksmiths. But some companies geo-target their online ads to a variety of locations. When you contact these companies, which appear to be local, you’re redirected to a call center that could be anywhere. During these calls, you may be quoted surprisingly low rates that unfortunately are hiked significantly once the locksmith actually appears.

When you call a locksmith off the internet, ask for the business’ full, legal name and whether the locksmith is licensed. If you have time, it’s smart to take a careful look at the company website. You’ll be able to tell pretty quickly by the site content whether it represents a local company that takes pride in its online presence.

When you’re quoted a price over the phone, ask specifically whether it includes all fees and charges, including the service call charge, labor, parts, and any additional fees for emergency hours or mileage. Request that the locksmith brings a written copy of this estimate as well. If there’s a discrepancy when the locksmith arrives, consider it an opportunity to find someone else.

Look for a Locksmith Before You Need One

The smartest course of action is finding a good locksmith before you need one, when you have time to browse websites and check out online reviews. If you find yourself in need of a locksmith for an emergency scenario, try to remember it’s not always worth calling the first number that appears. Next time you need a locksmith, remember AllSafe Lock & Key in Reno and Sparks. Your call will be answered locally, and our certified technician will be en route to you immediately.