If You Lose Your House Keys, Should You Change the Locks?

Losing your house keys is a headache, but is it also a security problem? That depends. Your house keys provide access to your home, and that can be an issue if they’re in the wrong hands. Here’s how to decide whether to change the locks if you’ve lost your house keys.

Four Questions to Ask

Ask yourself these questions to determine whether you need to replace locks completely.

  1. How did you lose your keys? If you can be sure your house keys weren’t stolen, and there is no identifying information on your keys that will allow someone to find your home, replacing locks may not be necessary.
  2. Did you lose the master key, or a spare? No matter how you misplaced your master key, replacing your lock is a good idea. That’s because master keys can be used to open are than one lock. If it’s just a spare and you know it wasn’t stolen, it shouldn’t be an issue to have a new key cut or just re-key any lock paired with the spare.
  3. Have I lost my house keys before? If you have the unfortunate habit of misplacing your keys, you might consider switching to a keyless lock.

By spending some time assessing the gravity of your situation, you’ll be in a better position to decide whether changing the locks is necessary. Usually, if you can be sure that no one can link your lost key to your home, you won’t negatively affect your home’s security simply with a re-key.

Rekeying Locks Instead

Rekeying a lock means that existing locks are retro-fitted so that they work with a new key. It will give homeowners a new key to use, and it will make all former keys useless.

If you’re in need of new locks or a re-key for your home or business, contact AllSafe Lock & Key in Reno and Sparks. Our certified technicians will make the right recommendations for your needs.