What Makes a Residential Locksmith Different from a Commercial Locksmith?

While the main difference between a residential locksmith and a commercial locksmith is just what you’d think – the residential locksmith installed locks on homes, and the commercial locksmith installs them on offices, stores, and warehouses – it may come as a surprise that some homeowners and business owners don’t make a point of finding someone who specializes in their needs. More often than not, a request to just “send someone out” without clarifying the work is the standard. Fortunately, AllSafe Lock & Key here in Reno specializes in both residential and commercial locksmithing.

Commercial & Residential Locksmithing Services

By contacting a locksmith who specializes in both kinds of locksmith services, you’re eliminating the concern that you may be speaking to the wrong person. At AllSafe Lock & Key in Reno, our technicians are trained in both residential and commercial locksmithing to help you with any kind of locksmith issue. If you’re contacting another Reno-Sparks locksmith for residential or commercial work, here’s a tip.

When you contact a locksmith company – and we’ve written about how to find a reliable Reno locksmith before – be specific about your needs. Explain whether the work is residential, commercial, or automotive. Setting expectations in this way makes it easy for your locksmith to ensure he has the right equipment for the job, saving time and making for a more efficient experience for you both.