Locksmith Tips to Keep Your Spare Car Keys Safe

Losing your spare car key is always a hassle, especially if it’s a pricey smart key or remote. Owner Bruce Marillo of AllSafe Lock & Key in Reno shares these tips to keep your spare car keys safe.

Forget the Hidden Magnetic Boxes

These may have been a good idea years ago, but magnetic boxes that you hide under the car just aren’t a safe option anymore. In fact, here at AllSafe Lock & Key in Reno, Bruce has lost several keys of his own with those boxes, and he can share a lot of customer stories in which those hide-a-key boxes have fallen off cars, been stolen, or just forgotten.

Here’s what Bruce suggests instead.

Remove your rear license plate and drill a small hole in the bumper. You can stick the spare key in there and then screw the license plate right back on. Then you’ll have a secure hiding place where no one would ever think to look, and you just need to keep a screwdriver handy to retrieve it. If you don’t want to do it yourself, just ask AllSafe Lock & Key next time you’ve locked yourself out of your car or need spare keys made. We’ll be happy to do it for you!

Out on a Walk

This suggestion may seem a little silly, but it might save you the trouble of calling us to make new keys for your house. We’ve had a lot of people tell us that they lost keys while out on a jog or walk with their dog. The next time you leave the house to get some exercise with man’s best friend, attach a spare key to his collar. That way it’ll always be right there when you head back home – just in case!

Habits & Helpers

Build a new habit when it comes to your car keys by putting them in the same place every time you get out of your car. Whether it’s your briefcase, pocket, gym bag, purse, dish by the door, just be consistent. Start practicing this new habit whenever you exit your car or home, and make sure to be conscious in repeating it for at least a week or two. That way, it will just become something you do.

You can also make your keys harder to lose by attaching them to something bigger. Add something to the keychain, or try attaching your keys to a larger item like your gym bag. Many purses have an internal clasp just for keys.

When You Need Help

If you follow these tips and still manage to lose your spare car keys, AllSafe Lock & Key in Reno is always here to help. We’re a reputable, licensed Reno locksmith company open 24 hours a day, seven days to a week. Call us anytime for fast, friendly and professional service.