Simple Tips for Better Home Security This Summer

With June just around the corner, people are making plans for summer getaways. Keep your safe home while you travel and avoid becoming another statistic about home burglaries with these tips from Reno’s best mobile locksmith, Allsafe Lock & Key.

Lock Up Before you Go

This seems simple, but you’d be surprised how many people get so busy packing for their trip that they overlook these basic steps. About 30% of all home break-ins in the United States are through a door or window that’s been left open.

Have a Neighbor Grab the Mail

A pile of newspapers in the driveway or an overflowing mailbox is a dead giveaway that no one’s home. Ask a trusted neighbor to pick up your mail and any leaflets left by the door, or contact the postal service to have your mail held while you’re away.

Leave a Light On

Keeping on a few lights inside your home can make it look like someone is home.

Don’t Advertise your Absence

Post away about your vacation, but consider doing it after you get home. You never know who is reading those status updates, and you don’t want the wrong people taking note of your absence.

If you’d like to learn more about improving your home’s security, AllSafe Lock & Key is here to help. Contact us today.