Locked Out in Reno? Avoid these Locksmith Scams!

We’ve written before about the benefits of finding a good locksmith before you need one, but we understand that doesn’t always happen. In the worst-case scenario, when you find yourself locked out of your home or vehicle, being aware of these common locksmith scams can help you avoid them.

Common Locksmith Scams

It’s unfortunate that a post like this even needs to be written, but the truth is that locksmiths scams like these are out there.

  • You’re quoted a low price for the repair over the phone, but your final bill includes undisclosed fees like mileage, emergency service, or an inflated number for the labor.
  • You’re told your lock cannot be picked, and the only solution is drilling it off and replacing it.
  • Using a business name and local address online that makes the business appear to be in Reno, when it’s actually located in another state.
  • Using a local phone number that redirects to a call center somewhere else.

While the first two issues are problematic because they’re misleading and will ultimately cost you, the last two issues have the potential for more trouble. If you’re speaking to someone in another state, you have no idea who they’re dispatching to your home or office. You don’t know how long it will take, or whether the actual locksmith’s pricing will vary from the numbers quoted from whomever you spoke with in the call center. None of these scenarios are ideal, and they all put you in a position of being scammed.

Locked Out in Reno? Remember AllSafe Lock & Key

If you’re in Reno or Sparks and you need a locksmith, remember AllSafe Lock & Key. Our mobile locksmith is experienced, licensed, and registered with the Washoe County Sheriff’s department. We live and work in Reno and the greater northern Nevada region, and we can get to you quickly to help you in a locksmithing emergency. Don’t trust just anyone – contact a reliable, local, experienced locksmith for your locksmith needs.