Common Door Lock Problems You Can’t Ignore, Part 2

Last week, we shared part one in our series about common door lock problems you shouldn’t ignore. Instead of waiting until your door lock problem is too big to ignore and finally calling a mobile locksmith like AllSafe Lock & Key here in Reno, here’s why these issues should be addressed as soon as possible.

Misaligned Door Locks

This problem can actually refer to two issues at once – the misaligned lock itself, or a misaligned strike plate. That’s because they both have the same effect of door lock problems. Fortunately, both misaligned locks and strike plates are easy to detect. If your door is no longer opening or closing smoothly, or you’re having difficulty turning the lock, it’s a good time to call AllSafe Lock & Key for an inspection.

In a misaligned lock, specific elements of the locking mechanism aren’t lining up properly to facilitate the core function of the door. Usually, the latch or locking bolt isn’t in proper alignment with the strike plate, which is affixed to the door jamb.

Causes of Misaligned Door Locks

In most instances, improper installation is the culprit behind misaligned dead bolts and latches. Sometimes, warping doors or door frames can be at fault as well.

Unfortunately, this is the kind of dilemma that only gets worse with time. Misaligned door locks that aren’t fixed often lead to broken locks and doors. Every time you use the lock or latch, it’s being subjected to pressure from being forced into the strike plate in a way it’s not intended. Eventually, the damage will be enough that a replacement will be necessary.


It may be possible to solve this common door lock problem yourself, assuming it’s the door itself that’s out of alignment. Take a look at the door hinges and tighten any screws that appear loose. If this brings your door back to its correct configuration and height, consider your problem solved. If that’s not the case, consider the strike plate. It should be properly lined up with the latch or bolt, which should sit flush within the strike plate.

If you prefer not attempting to reposition or saw down your strike plate, and you don’t want to fiddle with your door lock, we understand. Some things are best left in the hands of a professional. In Reno and Sparks, contact AllSafe Lock & Key for prompt, courteous, expert assistance with these door lock issues or any of your locksmithing needs.