Common Door Lock Problems You Can’t Ignore

If you own a home, at some point you’ll likely have to deal with door lock problems. Unfortunately, most people don’t call a mobile locksmith like AllSafe Lock & Key here in Reno to remedy the issue until it’s become a big enough problem that it’s affecting their home’s security and can no longer be ignored. In a series of upcoming posts, AllSafe Lock & Key is sharing four common door lock problems that you should address as soon as you notice them.

Loose Door Locks, Knobs & Handles

No matter what kind of lock your doors have, there are many moving components holding the lock body together. Every piece plays a part in keeping the lock working properly. If one or more components isn’t operating as it should, the lock is no longer functioning correctly.

How Does a Lock Loosen?

Over time, it’s not uncommon for door locks to become loose simply through everyday use, and that’s particularly the case with regularly-used exterior doors. In other instances, internal components like the set screw, fastener or spindle aren’t lining up as they should, which creates a loose lock or knob. Sometimes, internal screws simply become undone or broken over time. Whatever the reason, these loose locks, knobs and handles can often lead to lock-out scenarios, which is never ideal. In a worse-case scenario, they leave your home vulnerable to a break-in. Keep in mind that close to 60% of residential break-ins use forced entry, and loose door locks, knobs and handles make that a lot easier.

If you notice that the lock isn’t working correctly when you use it, you have a door lock issue that shouldn’t be ignored. AllSafe Lock & Key here in Reno is an experienced and reliable local mobile locksmith, and we’re happy to inspect your locks and offer recommendations for repair or replacement if it’s warranted. Contact us today, and we’ll schedule a convenient time to make a house call.

Visit us again next week for part two in this series of common door lock problems.