Residential Locksmithing

Is your home safe from break-ins?

home securityWhen was the last time you checked?
Generally most people wait until it’s too late to call a locksmith, or they try and prepare their home by themselves. Going to your local hardware store and picking up the “cheaper” name brand locks may save you some money early on–but will it be right to keep you and your family safe? What are the best brands? What are some of the most common overlooked problems with home security? We can help you with that.

Your home is your castle and you can depend on us to help you keep your loved ones safe. When was the last time you thought back on exactly how many people have keys to your home? Have you had a falling out with someone you trusted with access to your home? Duplicate keys, landlords or former tenants, roommates, exes, and former housekeepers can all compromise your security. Our residential services include installation and upgrades of locks and deadbolts, re-keying, repairing sticky locks and keys, and more. We offer a wide variety of locksmithing options to help protect you and your family.  Let our professionals help to put your mind at ease. We can happily give you a free estimate today so you can get back to knowing your home is protected.

Our residential services include:

  • Unlocking doors to get you back into your home after a lockout
  • Re-keying locks
  • Replacing lost or stolen keys
  • Making duplicate keys
  • Making one key to fit all locks
  • Installing new deadbolts
  • Repairing sticky locks and keys
  • Call us for more services.

Latest News

Staying Safe and Secure

The other day, a young lady called me requesting new keys for her car. Her purse, including her keys, had been stolen right from her porch the previous night. When I arrived, I asked if her house keys had been stolen as well, and she replied that yes, they had. I pointed out that this meant the burglars…

Beware of Dog

One evening I received a call from a young couple in Spanish Springs who was concerned someone has attempted to break into their home through their backyard. When I arrived I analyzed what they were doing to keep the exterior of their home safe. They had a “beware dog” sign on the fence and no…

Robbed and Vulnerable

One morning I received a call from an elderly homeowner in Northwest Reno who was requesting to have her house re-keyed. Upon arriving to her home I realized that the night prior, her home was broken into and burglarized. I went through all the basic checkmarks with her to make sure her home would be…